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Case Studies...

SBS Ayrshire are a solutions provider to the process plant industry. We are equally at home working with clients on part of a specific project or providing a complete end-to-end turnkey solution, as some of the projects below demonstrate, for our clients.

Client: Waterford Brewery, Ireland
Project Duration: 2 Weeks

SBS Ayrshire Ltd removed 6 x 60,000 litre storage tanks from Waterford Brewery, Ireland, all local Irish businesses who provided their services were very helpful and brilliant to work with.

The tanks were loaded to transport and delivered to the docks for loading to ship for delivery to Norway. All arrived safely and are now used to store cod liver oil. The team very much enjoyed the project.

Waterford Brewery, Ireland Waterford Brewery, Ireland Waterford Brewery, Ireland

Client: CEUK
Project Duration: 3 Weeks

The company has just completed a major project for one of our key clients (Chemring Energetics Limited) based at the Ardeer Site in Stevenston. This involved the construction of a new "Hesco Bastion" Barricade system around an existing "Explosive Magazine" at the site. This was a critical necessity for CEUK in order that the new operation within the building was compliant with the new "Management, Safety, Explosive Regulations" (MSER). This barricade system is similar in construction to the systems deployed by the UK Troops whilst working overseas, hence the name given to the main UK Military Base in Afghanistan (Camp Bastion). CEUK have declared full satisfaction with the installation and our company looks forward to continuing similar commissions at the Ardeer Site and beyond.


Client: CEUK
Project Duration: 1 Week

SBS Ayrshire Limited has recently undertaken the highly technical dismantling, shipping, transport and re-installation of precision process equipment for CEUK a key UK Defence Industry Supplier. SBS were specifically chosen by CEUK to undertake this electro/mechanical engineering project, due to its highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

The work was undertaken to a very tight timescale thus enabled CEUK to minimise the actual down time of this production critical process. It is also anticipated by the company that through the success of this work SBS is well placed to undertake similar process critical precession engineering projects.


Client: Chemring Energetics
Project Duration: Ongoing

SBS Ayrshire has worked closely with the company to remove a number of redundant and derelict structures at the Ardeer Site in Stevenston. This has involved the careful coordination and planning of a number of inter-related activities and the generation of multiple detailed work methodologies and health and safety risk assessments. The decommissioning and demolition activities are a key part of the company's site rationalisation plans.

Chemring Case Study  1Chemring Case Study  2Chemring 3 Case Study

Client: Nitrex
Project Duration: 2 weeks

SBS recently undertook a strategic equipment dismantling project on behalf of "Nitrex" a commercial Nitrocellulose Manufacturing Company based in India.

This project involved the careful dismantling of a Cotton Linter Bale Breaking Machine, a Cotton Filtration unit and most significantly an Acid Pusher Centrifuge, which is to be refurbished before being transferred with the other equipment at a later date to India. The project also necessitated SBS being involved in close liaison with Nitrex together with BAE Systems (the original owners of the equipment) and Chemring Energetics Limited (the purveyors of the equipment on behalf of the Indian company).

The work was also accomplished at short notice and to a tight time scale to allow for the ongoing demolition of the facilities housing the equipment at the BAE Systems, Bishopton Site in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

RSZ BilledeSBS Ayrshire LogoMixer

Client: Orica - Wigan
Project Duration: 1 month

As a key part of the exit strategy from their site at Roburite, nr Wigan in England, SBS undertook the detailed dismantling of the Explosive Emulsion Preparation Plant. In addition and in order to minimise costs this work also involved the demolition of a number of redundant items of plant and equipment including former product storage tanks, structural steelwork and storage facilities. These demolition works were coordinated to run in conjunction with the industrial dismantling activities thus ensuring that the overall project could be delivered within a strict deadline.

Orica Case Study  1Orica Case Study  2Orica 3 Case Study

Client: A G Barr, Cumbernauld
Project Duration: 6 months

SBS Ayrshire purchased a PET line and were also commissioned by the market leading A G Barr Group to remove the complete manufacturing line. This included; posimat silos, unscrambler, bottle neck buffer, sidel blow molder, KHS filler and conveyoring.

In addition to completing the safe and highly efficient removal, SBS Ayrshire also packed the equipment into storage ready for shipment to its new home overseas.

This was a staged project over 6 months to allow uninterrupted production at Barrs. This was an additional challenge with this project but the factory did not stop production and SBS Ayrshire worked 24hrs to ensure minimum disruption.

AG Barr Case Study  1AG Barr Case Study  2AG Barr 3 Case Study

Client: Loch Lomond Distillery
Project Duration: 3 months

Contracted by the well known company Loch Lomond Distillers, SBS Ayrshire delivered a complete turnkey solution. During the project we removed 8 redundant fermentation vessels and replaced them with 8 brand new bespoke vessels, made to the specific requirements of the distiller.

SBS also managed the entire logistics operation ensuring timely delivery of the new tanks and minimising production down-time. SBS installed the new tanks, connected all pipework, and installed the cleaning systems to the new tanks.

"I have used SBS Ayrshire for various projects over the last five years, I have found them to be competitive for supplying second hand equipment and delivery of equipment is always within deadlines. I would not hesitate to use SBS Ayrshire in the future."

Allan Anderson, Loch Lomond Distillery

Loch Lomond Case Study 1Loch Lomond Case Study 2Loch Lomond Case Study 3

Client: Glenmorangie, Broxburn
Project Duration: 8 months

SBS purchased a complete spirit filling line and over 40 VATS from Glenmorangie.

Tanks included; space saving vats, glass lined tanks, GRP tanks, and 50,000-62,000L capacity tanks. We marketed all items and sold on to several customers.

After efficiently removing all items, SBS ensured the safe packing and loading of the filling equipment and storage vessels onto transport. SBS also relocated and reinstalled several items to Tain and Islay for the client.

Glenmorangie Case Study 1Glenmorangie Case Study 2Glenmorangie Case Study 3